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Divorce Settlement Agreement Financial Specialists


iStock_000003248202XSmall Dad Child AAIn every divorce case, there are financial issues to resolve. These can take many different forms. One spouse may have handled the finances for years and one spouse may not know as much as another. There could be complex issues involving taxes, closely held businesses, multiple properties or trust and estate issues. There may be significant differences in income, or one spouse may have spent several years out of the work force raising children. At a minimum, whatever the situation, the couple is about to separate assets and debt, and determine how to financially support two homes versus one.

The financial specialist role is designed to address these issues by acting as a neutral party to help the spouses decide how best to utilize the financial resources they have available post-divorce. Our financial experts are trained in the collaborative process to help bring clients up to speed and educate each individual about the outcomes they desire. This can include projected income scenarios, tax benefits and penalties associated with certain types of transactions, and both a long and short-term net worth and cash flow illustration to insure that the consequences of any action can be assessed and communicated in an appropriate manner to each spouse.

Our financials act in the role of a trustee, in that their goal is to minimize and/or eliminate any negative financial ramifications to the marital estate by providing scenario management, future planning, and by empowering their clients through education and bringing comfort through the knowledge that a competent financial professional is helping them to navigate the divorce process.