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Collaborative Divorce Professionals – Alternative Dispute Resolution Chapel Hill

If you are considering separating from your spouse, our Collaborative Divorce professionals are available within minutes of your home or office in the Chapel Hill – Carrboro area. Collaborative Divorce attorneys and Financial Specialists within the town limits, and Child Specialists and Coaches close by in the RTP area, are conveniently located and can assist divorcing couples with child custody, child support, alimony, and property division issues. The Collaborative Divorce process supports couples in resolving all issues related to the dissolution of their marriage in a non-adversarial and productive manner.


So, here are some next steps you can take:

  1.  If you and your spouse want to come in together for a joint appointment to learn more about Collaborative Divorce, schedule an information session with Dr. Tina Lepage (child specialist; case facilitator/coach) or Haleh Moddasser (financial specialist).


  1. If you are ready to talk to an attorney, call one of our Collaborative Divorce Attorneys, and suggest that your spouse seek his/her own Collaborative Counsel as well. (Each spouse will meet with their own attorney individually.)


  1. Still not sure what to do? We encourage you to learn more by reading the information provided on our website, or call Dr. Tina Lepage at 919-572-0000 and she will be happy to chat with you for a bit on the phone and answer your questions.



These professionals are located in Chapel Hill and can help you determine whether the Collaborative Divorce process will meet your and your family’s specific needs.



Stearns Financial Group

~ Haleh Moddasser (pronounced “Holly”)

Email:  hmoddasser@stearnsfinancial.com
Telephone: (919) 636-3634

1450 Raleigh Road, Suite 105
Chapel Hill, NC   27517



~ Richard Daugherty
Law Office of Richard Daugherty
Email: richdaugherty@earthlink.net
Telephone: (919) 942-8254

313 Granville Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


~ Karen Davidson, Attorney at Law

Email: kpd@kdavidsonlaw.com
Telephone: (919) 918-7996

141 Providence Road   Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27514