A Better Way for Families to Transition


Collaborative Divorce Lawyers & Legal Separation Professionals

Separating Better is a practice group of trained and experienced collaborative divorce professionals who serve the needs of separating and divorcing individuals, to effect a change in the way separation and divorce are handled. Members of Separating Better include legal, mental health, and financial professionals.

We believe people want a better way to separate, one that seeks to minimize pain and conflict, and protect the emotions and dignity of the children and adults in the process. The traditional adversarial divorce process cannot do this because it is not designed to do this.

Collaborative law is an approach to separation and divorce in which parties and attorneys commit to reach agreements without litigation. Collaborative attorneys have specialty training in how to set aside the adversarial approach that inflames situations and instead utilize an advanced negotiation skill set to reach agreements both parties can be comfortable with. Mental health professionals can be used as coaches and child specialists to help spouses reach this goal, as can financial specialists.

The members of Separating Better share a vision that separation and divorce can be a more amicable, peaceful, and collaborative process accomplished outside of the court system to address and resolve family law conflicts. In this vision, while we recognize divorce is a life transition that comes with pain, the process itself is designed to minimize pain and conflict as much as possible.