A Better Way for Families to Transition


A Wide Range of Services Focused on the Well Being of Families in Transition

Separating Better is a practice group of experienced professionals supporting anyone experiencing difficulties associated with a separation or divorce.  Our group offers guidance for legal matters, child issues, mental health concerns and financial issues.

Our team will guide you through the difficulties that come with life changes.  These changes include the upheaval associated with household separation, divorce, career changes and financial pressures.  Our aim is to preserve those aspects of your family dynamic that have worked, while helping you move in a new direction.

In some instances, family issues can be resolved without separation and divorce.  However, when separation is inevitable, we offer non-adversarial and confidential alternatives.  We believe the process of change can be less painful and less costly.

If you would like to move in a positive direction, avoiding the immense loss of time and devastating effects on your physical, emotional and financial health associated with litigation, please contact us now.